Permanent Makeup

Procedures to Improve Your Confidence

As we are in such a competitive world when it comes to beauty and looking good, it can be difficult to feel confident amongst all those other beautiful people.

We have created a list that will enhance your natural features and change the way you feel. Click here to find out more about the consultation process.

Having The Perfect Makeup

We all want bigger and fuller lips and are sometimes scared of the effects. But that is no longer as semi-permanent lip liner is a great alternative.

You can have full, natural looking lips that make your imperfections discreet. This is a great choice for those who have lost lip shape due to age or even lost their lip colour.

Procedures include:


    • Natural lip contour definer
    • Natural contour definer with lip blush shading
    • Natural lip contour definer with a full lip tint

Here we can create pure definition and have you smiling every day. You have the choice between enhancing your natural lip colour, and even picking an intense colour to give the look of permanent lipstick.

To match those enhanced lips, you get fuller looking brows to go along. They are an affordable choice for everybody as you can choose to pay over a 12 month period. Find out more.

The Answer To Clear Skin

Having the effort to apply face masks and looking after your skin can result in softer and clearer skin. For those who lack confidence with their face, this is the answer. Learn how to make your own face masks at home. Click here.

Going for facials every now and then is recommended. These trained therapists will be able to recommend the right treatment for your skin and will delicately work to ensure your skin is hydrated, nourished and revitalised.

If you are looking for premium facials at a fraction of the price, visit Vanilla Face & Body Spa. Their facials have been rated 5*.

A Smile Perfect for the Red Carpet

Having straight, white and bright teeth has so many benefits. Not only will it improve your image, but it will also create healthier teeth and gums. As well as this, it makes it much easier to clean them as gums are able to fit more securely around the teeth. There are many cosmetic treatments for this such as smile makeovers, dental veneers, and teeth whitening. Click here to see which treatment best suits you.

Dental veneers can offer you all of this.

 Straight, white and bright.

Before having these fitted onto your teeth, your cosmetic dentist will ensure that your oral hygiene is as best as possible. Your dentist will take an assessment of general health for your teeth and gums to establish if any other dental issues need to be treated beforehand. Visit this website to see veneer experience from a dental patient.


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