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Dermal Fillers: Everything You Need to Know

A dermal filler or just cosmetic filler as it is also called is an artificial pharmaceutical grade gel that is injected into the skins deeper layers to fill out the tissue. Contact us for more info.

The interest for these types of simple but effective cosmetic treatments is immense and ever increasing.

What are dermal fillers used for?

  • Filling out and minimising wrinkles & lines in the face
  • Smoothen skin unevenness (dimples, scars, deformities)
  • Reinforcing facial contours (chin, cheek bones, jaw line, lips)
  • Increasing the volume of body parts (breast, calves, bottom etc.)

Dermal filler treatment

How do the dermal fillers work?

A filler treatment involves a doctor or nurse, with specialist knowledge within aesthetical injection treatments, inject filler into/under the skin. A similar procedure also occurs during the Botox treatment.

Depending on the treatment performed different fillers in different amounts are injected on various depths.

The amount of filler and what depth it is injected at depends on which body part is being treated and the kind of fullness the patient wishes to achieve. Your clinician will tailor their treatments to each individual, therefore creating results that are specific to you. Find out more about the dermal filler process, side effects and other facts.

What results should I expect?

The ideal filler should be simple and cheap to produce, free from side effects and complications, and provide a long lasting result, easy to use and to remove if the patient was to have a change of heart.

Unfortunately the perfect filler has not yet been invented, but until then there are a large amount of different products that offer considerable improvements. See more about side effects.

Currently cosmetic fillers cannot replace plastic surgery procedures such as facelift or enlargements with implants, such procedures provide a more extensive change with longer lasting results. Check out the most popular choices.

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