invisalign vs veneers

Invisalign vs Veneers

Which cosmetic dentistry treatment to choose? Veneers or Invisalign? All of us will look at our teeth in the mirror at some point and see little imperfections and wish we could have the perfect smile, it’s only natural. In reality, most people in the world have some non-straight or worn, discoloured or chipped teeth. If […]


Drugs and your health Is cannabis addictive?

Signs, symptoms and advice There is a long-held myth that, unlike cocaine and heroin, cannabis is not a habit-forming drug and that you cannot become chemically addicted to it. While cannabis does not have the same intense addictive nature as some other illicit drugs, it is possible to become dependent on using it, which brings […]

The Consultation

The Consultation

Surgeon and patient meet for a relaxed but systematic discussion of all aspects of the problem under consideration. A good surgeon will start by reviewing the patient’s goals. They will review medical history and lifestyle, conduct a physical examination and assess the patient’s suitability for plastic surgery. They might recommend tests before making a definite […]

Cosmetic dental braces
Cosmetic Dentist in Hertfordshire Dentistry

Cosmetic braces: How adult braces can alter the way you look and enhance your beauty

Here’s everything you need to know: Frequently Asked Questions On this page we aim to provide answers to questions commonly asked by people considering orthodontic treatment, such as ‘what is an orthodontist?’ If you have a question that is not answered on our site, please contact us. Q. What is Orthodontics? Orthodontics is a dental […]

Implant dentistry information

Dental Implant Centres: Here’s What You Need to Know

What are Dental Implants? Dental implants are special titanium fixtures that are placed within the jawbone. A special post is then secured to the dental implant.  The final restoration may be a dental crown, dental bridge or cosmetic denture to restore the dental implant and give you your new teeth. For implant dentistry in Essex, […]

Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery (plastic surgery) is a specialty within medicine aimed at altering ones appearance. It is not unexpected that in a time when our appearance is becoming more important to our internal well-being that the interest in cosmetic plastic surgery is greater than ever. What difference is there between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery? 90% of […]

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Amazing Deals & offers for Permanent Hair Reduction With our tailored solutions you’re guaranteed results! Each treatment takes around 20 minutes and should be performed around once a week throughout your first year of treatment, thereafter maintenance treatments are needed at least once a month. Find out more here Tailored solutions with Incredible Results! 50% […]