The Consultation

The Consultation

Surgeon and patient meet for a relaxed but systematic discussion of all aspects of the problem under consideration.

A good surgeon will start by reviewing the patient’s goals.

They will review medical history and lifestyle, conduct a physical examination and assess the patient’s suitability for plastic surgery.

They might recommend tests before making a definite recommendation.

Pros and Cons

He will explain what the operation involves; cover the pros and cons and the risks involved; discuss anaesthesia; the clinic where the operation will be carried out; and recovery how long it will take and how you are likely to feel at each stage.

Finally the surgeon will cover fees – there, the hospital’s and the anaesthetist’s.

During the Consultation a mutual understanding will should be  developed.

Your surgeon should invite you to ask all your questions and air your worries. The answers should be clear and easy to understand.

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